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  1. Hi
    I read about the Willow Bank whisky club on your website
    Would it be okay if I include in our list of whisky clubs at
    we already haev about 430 clubs in the list. One day i hope to include them all.
    Okay if use this e-mail address as a contact address?


    Teun van Wel

  2. Terrific site!!! And an informative read!!

    Anything I can do to help let me know!!

    Gold Medal Marketing Inc.

  3. Hi ATW.

    Love this site and the reviews, many thanks.

    I am just starting out on my whisky adventure and am looking to put together a club here in Barrie, Ontario. Do you have any advice/suggestions for me?

    Thanks very much.
    PS – Curt, I am wicked jealous of your trip to Scotland and especially getting to hang out with the Glasgow Whisky Club. In my dreams of drams!

    • Hey, Stephen.

      Hang tight…there is a post coming on starting your own club.

      I’m a little tied up at work lately, but updates to the trip details should be coming shortly. Not to mention many, many more reviews.

      Thanks for the kind words, and watch for that post in the coming days.


  4. Hey there ATW people – I just found your blog. I dig the reviews, interviews, etc… Great schtuff!


  5. Hello, just getting started, still a lot to learn, I have a bottle of Seagrams V.O. Canadian whiskey Imported on lable unbroken seal on top states a76402904 1984, lable states whiskey is 6 years old. I would love to drink it, is it any good and if so has it any value, thanks A.

  6. Adrian, no disrespect to Curt and ATW, but for Canadian whisky info, your best bet would be to head over to and look it up and/or ask Davin for his thoughts

  7. There’s no disrespect to be taken, Piers. No worries.

    Adrian…he’s bang on. Davin, at Canadian Whisky (linked at the right), is not only extrenely knowledgable, he has a great palate and is a helluva nice guy from all I’ve seen. He would definitely be your best bet.

    Good luck, mate.

  8. Excellent work ATW. thanks for the reviews

    Look forward to seeing you at the next whisky event in and around Calgary



  9. Curt, great meeting you at Willow Park & am happy that you enjoed my Canadian Whisky seminar, with focus on C.C. portfolio. Glad you enjoyed the CC20yr & CC30yr. I can’t get enough of it….LUV IT!! Kindest Regards, Dan.

  10. Hi Curt

    Whisky always taste and smells better warm just above room temperature .

    Me being the impatiant sort and dont want to sit too long ,warming the glass up with my hands

    So I run the empty glass under warm water before pouring a dram.

    Just a little tip, I do but dont know of anyone else trying this … ?


  11. Hi guys,

    I wonder if any of you would be able to help me.. I am an undergraduate student at Glasgow Caledonian University. I am currently conducting a research study to fulfil the requirements of the level four honours dissertation.

    My research is based upon the malt whisky market, and the issues that brands face when attempting to attract new consumers. In particular, it aims to look at the attitudes of both malt whisky drinkers and non-drinkers regarding malt whisky, and to look at potential opportunities for new product development within this market.

    Ideally, what I’m looking for is for some opinions and answers to key themes I’ve identified in my studies so far. I would really appreciate your help with this. I have a short list of questions, which should maybe take around 15mins to complete. You will remain anonymous at all times and your responses will be treated with the strictest of confidence.

    If any of you feel that you could help with this research, it would be very much appreciated. Drop me a line on this post, and I can email you the details..



    • If your research encompasses malt whisky makers who want to branch out into rums (e.g. Bruichladdich), in an effort to broaden heir base, then send me a list as well ( Actually, given that the boys at ATW have been trying to get me to drink whisky for years, you might want to send it anyway.

  12. I saw your Springbank reviews and see that you like 21 the best. I want to try it so bad. Is the one you tried the bottle from the late 90s or the 2005 bottling. Those 2 bottles look just like the one you have a pic of. I would greatly appreciate it if you can help with that as I want to try the one you had.
    I trust your taste as you have have introduced Amrut to me which is now my favorite whisky for the money.

    Thanks, Narbe.

  13. recently bought a 25 year old glenmorangie.haven’t opened it yet.would appreciate any and all comments.

    thanks, chris
    Florida, USA

    • Review of the 25 coming this week, Chris. Good timing. We just had a big Glenmorangie range tasting with the club a couple days back. In short though…the 25 is good. Best of the Glenmo range.

  14. Hey Curt,

    Wondering if you had any ideas as to where I could track down a sample of the Octomore Comus 4.2 in Calgary. I checked Buchanans, and they only have the 4.1. I’m interested in purchasing a bottle, but hesitate to put down the $$ without trying first. I liked the 4.1, but leery of wine finishings and peat. However I keep hearing from friends how this was an incredible dram. Thoughts/advice?

    Many thanks!


  15. If the dram of the day is the 2013 cask strength laphroaig 25, does that mean you will be posting a review shortly? I have a bottle I’m saving for a rainy day and I’d love to get your thoughts on it!

    • Hi, Devin. Sadly, no. I drank that at a festival here in Calgary. A wee gem Simon Brooking had tucked away under the table. If an opportunity arises to retaste and review, I definitely will do so.



  16. Curt,

    loving the blog.

    Ever thought of doing a bit on where to drink whisky? I.e. Your thoughts on the prices/whisky selections available at restaurants in Calgary… Might be tough if you don’t want to endorse certain restaurants etc.

    Or maybe you’ve done something like this and I haven’t come across it.

    Just a thought!


    • Thanks for the kind words, Ben.

      Hmmmm…hadn’t really thought about it, but maybe something to consider. While there’s no establishments I really frequent, there are definitely a few decent options in town. Quite frankly…it’s just too expensive to drink retail whisky. Simple example…I know one whisky bar in the city that sells Uigeadail at ~$20 an ounce. For the price of 4 ounces I could (if so inclined) buy a full bottle. AND…enjoy it with friends.

      I’m gonna mull this one over though. Thanks for the idea.


  17. Would really love you to review a few more balvenies esp the 21!

    Particularly since they have as yet not jumped on the NAS wagon they should be applauded and David Stewart over there surely deserves a mention….

    • Hi, Derek.

      Would love to review a few more too. I’m just not willing to go out of pocket that deep for 40-43% malts that have been coloured and chill-filtered. Was looking at a 17 and 21 a couple days back. $170-$250. Man…I have way better things to spend that kinda money on that washed out, watered down Balvenie.

      I do agree with your sentiments re: NAS though. Further, Ian Millar says this is the path they’ll continue on (via an interview with our mate, Tabarek, at the Malt Activist). So on that front…kudos.



  18. Hi Curt,
    We met at the Coop Wine Spirirts Beer store. I’ll definitely look into coming to some of your events.

  19. No Oban love?

    Oh sure, they’ve joined the NAS trend with “Little Bay” but jeez, there’s still some decent whisky out of them, though it seems you have to purchase it south of the border to get reasonable but the 14-distillers edition-18 ought to fit your bailiwick. What gives?

  20. What a wonderful sight you have. I find it both incredibly entertaining and informative from both you and your readers. Will we be seeing any Hibiki reviewed in the near or not so near future?

  21. Hey Curt, what’s the best way to contact you personally? We have an invitation to extend!

    Thanks, and kind regards!


  22. Hi there, I have a question, I work at a bar and am a huge whiskey fan. I came into work today and found a bottle of Bushmills 1608 in the cooler. I was very upset. Was I justified? I took it out and don’t plan to put it back. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t wrong and that it is supposed to be kept in the cooler…
    Thanks, Sarah

    • Hi, Sarah.

      Whisky won’t be harmed by the cold, but it makes for a less…striking experience. The cold will arrest much of the molecular movement in the drink that allows it to release flavour and aroma. That’s why many folks will warm with their hands before drinking. Keep it out though, I’d say. No one stores whisky (or whiskey, in the case of Bushmills) in a cooler.


  23. My mother in law has a 1981 alberta springs old time sipping whiskey unopened in the orgional box.Any idea of its value ? Thanks Lloyd

  24. Hi ATW Team,

    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I’m Founder of Feedspot.

    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog All Things Whisky has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 40 Whiskey Blogs on the web.

    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 40 Whiskey Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

    Also, you have the honor of displaying the badge on your blog.


    • “All Things Whisky is simply a resource, not an authority.” – these days, that’s more of a compliment than the reverse.

  25. I agree with your March 29 post. But what are we to do ? Boycott the whisky we love ? I dislike the NAS movement just as much as anyone and stay away from it as much as possible. I just try to hope for the best. And I too agree the bubble will pop. We can only wait and see.


  26. Hey Curt

    Hope all is well. Love the site!
    I wanted your opinion on something – I tracked down a couple of the 1977 BenRiach Dark Rum cask you reviewed a while back and was wondering if you would still suggest picking one up. We have similar likes/dislikes based on your reviews. I’m a huge BenRiach/Glendronach guy, especially the single casks, but at $400 I cant help but think there may be a better bang for $ out there?


  27. I am looking for a bottle of ‘Images of Islay’ Mcarthurs Head
    Can you help?

    Many Thanks

    • You might try posting that question on – Once you join you can start discussions and people from all over the world can chime in. You didn’t mention where you’re located.

  28. I’m very sorry to read about your truck; theft has always struck me as something particularly cowardly.

    Take care and all the best.

    • Thanks, mate. Frustrating mess to deal with. And a true violation. Such is. We move on and make adjustments to our lives



      • Ok, now I get it. You posted that your truck was stolen on twitter..

        Very sorry to here that. Our CRV was stolen in 2013. I went out to shovel snow at midnight (thus clearing a path for them) and when I woke up at 6 to shovel again….gone. Lots of little things (skates, CD, dinosaur umbrella…) gone. These people don’t care about the emotional cost to their victims’ kids.

        Out of curiosity (and this sounds like a fictional detective thing), if you were asleep, how do you know it was 4 thieves… video?

        I wish it hadn’t happened to you, nothing else really to say.


  29. Excessive excise charges on spirits lift the price of nice single malts into the luxury price range here in Australia. There is rarely change from $100 per bottle, and malts aged beyond 12 years spiral upwards.

    Reliable 10 & 12 year old Glenfiddich & similar are affordable for most drinkers however I have never tasted those aged over 20 years.

    I find it unbelievable the difference in nose & taste amongst the scottish distilleries, but lump all the Islay spirits as similar & too medicinal for true enjoyment. Surprisingly some of the less expensive drinks provide a better taste experience than the more fancied label products.

    • I think for most on this site and others such as Connosr, your experiences would be considered as outside the standard of deviation.

      Many would be able to differentiate between official bottlings from all the Islay distilleries. I don’t count myself among them but I do note differences.

      If you’re ever out in Toronto I’m happy to give you a tour of my cabinet. I’m sure I can find something you’ll like.

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