Mar 172013

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Celebrate your inner Irish.  On a day when even our most Scottish of locals, like KWM‘s Andrew Ferguson, have taken to the green…why the hell not?

KWM Green 1

All indications point to our friends in Ireland as the true originators of the distillate we all so love, so in honor of All Things Irish…raise a glass of Bushmills…Jamesons…Redbreast…Connemara…whatever.  Throw on a little Pogues…Dubliners…Primordial…Flogging Molly…again…whatever.  Either way…we’re all Irish today.

KWM Green 2

Now…if you’re short of anything to sip from the Emerald Isle, take a swing by the aforementioned Kensington Wine Market and have a chat with IiT (Irish in Training), Andrew Ferguson, or one of his team.  They’ll steer ye right.

…and yes…that happy little leprechaun is none other than Mr. Ferguson.

KWM Green 3

Love the decor, Andrew.  Switching allegiances?

Before anyone asks…no, I am not switching allegiances.  I stand behind the old maxim: ‘the Irish may have invented it, but the Scottish perfected it’.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends!


– Photos:  Maltmonster

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  3 Responses to “Kensington Wine Market Goes Green For St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. The Scottish may have perfected it, but the Indians seem to have taken it to a new level…

    • Hi David ….r u tlking re Amrut & other whiskies made in India .We tasted A/rut
      last year in Whisky Club..favourable reviews !!!

  2. Amrut! Fusion, Portonova, and my favourite, Intermediate Sherry. Some awesome production going on there…

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