Oct 132018

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  9 Responses to “Repent”

  1. qu’est-ca fuck?

  2. I would be very careful about breaking up the word “syndicate” into separate syllables and replacing them with naughty homophones.

  3. Is this some sort of an inside joke?

    Is there a punchline?

  4. Is this an inside joke? If so what is the punchline?

  5. I really don’t get it

  6. Apropos of almost nothing, I’ll mention just for fun that the club I run also has “single malt society” in its name. Every once in a while—perhaps as a Freudian typo—I’ll accidentally type it “single MALE society.”

    It’s not too far from the truth! 🙂

    • The group of people I most often hang out to taste whisky includes me (married), a guy from out of town (married), a guy from in town (long term relationship), and a couple of guys from out of province (one married and one in a relationship). I day it’s good odds…

  7. Sorry for the typos… It was I’d say, not, I day

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