Aug 042015

Wow.  ATW just hit one million views.  That means one million visits by people here solely for whisky chat (and endless drivel, offensive blatherings and inane diatribes).  Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing your thoughts along the way.  It’s much appreciated, and a huge part of what keeps me sane.  Slainte!

One Million

– Curt

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  6 Responses to “One Million Thanks”

  1. Congrats and keep up the fine ‘work’ of reviewing whiskies. I might well be personally responsible for a few thousand hits on your site; not to undermine your accomplishment!

  2. Nice job, and you really do make a dent in the paradoxical craziness. Cheers!

  3. Ralfy’s great, although the truly eccentric don’t have to tell you they’re eccentric; I love Serge despite the fact that the whiskies he reviews are from another planet. He has hooked me up with some amazing music though. But you, Curt, are the most rational, realistic and reliable blogger and reviewer I have yet to find on the spidery web. Here’s to another million hits.

    Dram on, brother.

  4. Congrats as well. Like Collegiate I may be responsible for a few hundred visits as well. Your opinions are responsible for several purchases.

    Although I enjoyed the Bruich BA 4.1 more than you did it seems.


  5. Thanks, all. Appreciate it.

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