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by Jared Paul Stern

Sep 28th 2010 at 6:01PM

The world’s most expensive bottle of whisky, a one-of-a-kind crystal Lalique decanter holding the oldest and rarest Macallan single malt ever (above), will be auctioned off by Sotheby’s in New York on November 15 for an estimated $150,000 or more. The Macallan in Lalique Cire Perdue, which we previewed back in April, is filled with 64 years and older Macallan single malt Scotch, vatted together from three sherry seasoned Spanish oak casks. The famed Speyside distillery commissioned the legendary crystal artisan to create the decanter using the ancient “cire perdue” or “lost wax” method. Painstakingly hand crafted by Lalique exclusively for The Macallan, and inspired by the beauty of The Macallan’s 150 hectare estate in north-eastern Scotland, it’s based upon a ship’s decanter of the 1820s. Proceeds from the historic sale will be donated to charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 
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  7 Responses to “World’s Most Expensive Whisky to be Auctioned in November”

  1. I may be crazy, but I saw a bottle of Lalique in a Co-op liquorstore on Sunday. I guess the decanter must be different, but it looked just like that..

    • The Co-op would most likely have the 1st Lalique release 50 year old which retailed for $6,000. Not bad when you consider the 2nd release 55 year old, retailed for $12,000 and 3rd release from1949-1952 retailed for $17,000. I personally like the 18 year old at $175 per bottle, which represents close to a 100 bottles at the price of the 3rd release (good to know if you have to justify your expenses to your better half ) .

  2. Wonder if Lalique has done any decanters for the Rum Industry?

    (Calling all captains)

  3. $460,000 .. all for charity.. not too shabby!

  4. So the ‘water of life’ is going to help people get good ‘water for life ‘

  5. So what happens to the jar after the buyer guzzles the grog?

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