May 202014

Talisker 25 y.o. (2008)055

54.2% abv

Score:  90/100


Let’s get back to some of these wonderful older Talisker releases, shall we?  This is another of those limited Diageo runs, but from back in 2008 this time.  As I’ve already mentioned here a couple of times, whenever these do hit the shelves they’re few and far between and rather pricey.  Having now tried a bunch of ’em, I can swear that they’re definitely worth both the effort to track them down and the hefty outlay of cash.

Talisker has a profile that serves just like a barbed lure.  Once it’s passed the lips, you’re hooked.  The 10 year old is a gateway for so many, but the distillery doesn’t truly show it’s brilliance till you hit the 18 year expression.  That’s where the magic begins.  But it certainly doesn’t end there.  By the quarter century mark, as expected, all of those softer fruit notes begin marching forward to center stage and the smoky, peaty and peppery edges become less the stars and more just solid character actors in this incredible production.   Makes for one hell of a cohesive whole, I must say.

Nose:  Coastal and maritime meets peppered peat.  All downwind from a beachside campfire.  Briny seaside notes.  Smoked oysters in oil.  And a touch of smoke, in general.  Grassy and herbal.  Chocolate and honey…kinda like a Toblerone, I guess.  Honeydew melon and cantaloupe.  Citrus.  Graham cracker crust.  Paint/latex.

Palate:  Great arrival.  Peaty, peppery and perfectly Talisker.  Granny smith apple and lemon juice.  Some licorice.  Nice firm oak notes.  This one is a stayer.  Hangs around for eons.

Thoughts:  Another absolutely great Talisker, but I prefer the ’05 edition to this ’08.  Now just need to try any in between…


– Reviewed by:  Curt

– Photo:  Curt

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  2 Responses to “Talisker 25 y.o. (2008) Review”

  1. Fantastic whisky and review. Any plans on comparing it to the newer 45.8% insult of a dram?

    • Thanks, Andrew. I’ve tasted the 2012 45.8% edition – and have a couple unopened bottles of it – but haven’t done notes yet. Not planning to open one any time soon, but perhaps I can coerce Maltmonster to share me a dram so I can do it up for ya.

      You’re right…the abv drop is a shame, but…spoiler alert…even at 45.8%, it’s still a sexy drink.

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