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The Dram Initiative Meeting #001 – April 23, 2013Logo (2)

First Formal Club Meeting – Tullibardine


And then it was real.  My…how time flies.  Two weeks now till the Collective meets for the first proper group gathering.  Things could not be better.  Membership is growing…dollars rolling in…nearly all logistics covered.

And man…what a line-up for the kickoff!

Seven malts from Highland distillery, Tullibardine.  We’ll begin with a battle of the casks; four different drams exclusive to four different shops in Calgary (Willow Park, Kensington Wine Market, Co-op and Wine & Beyond/Liquor Depot).  These will be sampled blindly.  Not to dissect, but simply to determine who got the pick of litter in the cask sweepstakes.  In other words…a bit of fun to get it all rolling.

From there we’ll move on into three other drams from this distillery.  Just a hint…we’ll be slipping back a couple (or more) decades here.  Trust me…there’s some magic to be found this eve, folks.

On top of a stellar range tasting, we’ll introduce the committee…share a few details as to how this whole little initiative will run…open up the forum…and have a damn good time.

Said it before, and saying it again…membership is limited.  No more than 33 1/3 members.  We’re closing in.  If you care to scoop one of the last available spots…drop a line.

Much more to come.


– Curt

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  3 Responses to “The Dram Initiative #001 – Tullibardine”

  1. So how did the inaugural meeting go?

    I have a single cask Tullabardine from Crowfoot Liquor. Any chance that was one of the ones tasted?

    • Hi, David. Good things to those who wait. 😉

      No…the Crowfoot one was not one of ’em, but if I had knowm…

      There will be a full-on write-up for the whiskies (avec tasting notes), as well as a feature on the event itself. Hopefully both this weekend. Depends if work and kids cooperate with my malt-swillin’ plans.

      • I empathize. Often child care trumps dramming. When I come to Calgary it is with the intention of a flight of whiskies most nights, and by the time the kids are in bed we’re ready to sleep too…

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