May 032013

Glenfarclas 40 y.o.002

46% abv

Score:  92.5/100


Glenfarclas rocked the whisky world a few years back when they released this stunner of a 40 year old whisky for an absolutely lowball price (less than $500 a bottle).  Kinda made us all stop and question the recent antics of a couple other distilleries that keep jacking prices and marketing their wares as the next uber-whisky.  Won’t name names, but I imagine you know who they are.

Glenfarclas has always been a personal favorite whisky.  High quality output, traditional and old school presentation and great price point.  From young to old, the distillery’s whisky is quite good.  The older releases though – especially the family casks – can be quite the stunners.  Fortunately for us Glenfarclas is sitting on a brilliant stock of very mature whisky.  We should be able to see older releases from this family-run Speyside distillery for ages to come.

Generally with Glenfarclas, it’s expected you’ll get a very balanced, heavily sherried malt.  Caramel and spice-rich, with loads of chololate and raisin.  As a general profile…it’s a delight.  A great building block to build upon through years of maturation.

So the question is…what does 40 years of aging do to a whisky like this?  Will it be too much?  Over-oaked?  Bitter?  Nah…not a chance.  This is a highlight whisky.  One of the best ‘Farclas I’ve tasted to date.

Nose:  Deep and rich.  Some caramel and Glossette Raisins.  Beautiful threads of vibrant jammy notes.  Some orange and cherry.  Paint.  Wow…what a striking balance.  Nearly flawless.

Palate:  Sweet and juicy.  Again…those macerated fruit/jammy notes.  Some chocolate.  Some tobacco.  Some licorice.

This is truly a textbook example of well-aged mature sherried whisky.  Beautiful integration of all elements.


– Reviewed by:  Curt

– Photo:  Curt


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